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Let The Wild Rumpus Begin!

Where A Wild Thing Lives

Heres what I fandom/ship (in no particular order)

-MTV Can't Touch This Shit-

(Can't Touch Gen 1 Either)
Team!CHRIIIIS, Team!SKINSGROUPORGYisthebestkindoflovefest

-Hi! I'm Johnny Knoxville. Welcome to Jackass-

Johnny/Bam/Dunn, Johnny/Jeff, Chris/Steve O, Dave/Ehren...PRETTY MUCH E.L.E!

-We'll All Be Incepted Sooner or Later-

Arthur/Eames, Arthur/Eames/Dom, RPF Tom/Joe, Joe/Tom/Leo

-More Like "Ass Kick"-

RedMist.Chris/KickAss.Dave, RPF Chris/Aaron

-The Sinning Kind Of Saints-

Connor/Murphy McManus *duh*, RPF Norman/Sean

-All You Need Is Love, Love. Love Is All You Need-
across the universe
Max/Jude, Lucy/Max

-Better [Meaning Sexier] Than The Potter Gang-

Peter/Edmund, Peter/Susan, Lucy/Susan, RPF Will/Skan, Will/Skan/Anna, Anna/Georgie, Will/Skan/Ben, Anna/Ben

-Jonas Brothers [The Epitome Of Sex] Anyone?-

GREATEST JONAS JOKE EVER! (prolly cos its true....)
Q: How many Jonas Brothers does it take to screw in a light bulb? A: Who knows? The only thing they've ever screwed is each other!

Joe/Nick, Joe/Nick/Kev

-Fangs and Wolves and Other Pretty Things-

Edward/Jake, Jake/Bells, RPF Taylor/Robert, Taylor/Kristen, Taylor/Anyone really

-As They Say, SEXY, SEXY WAR-

Winters/Nix, RPF Damien/Ron
-I Want To Go To There-

Carter/Ross, Carol/Ross, Benton/Corday, Greene/Ross

-Terrible Teeth and Terrible Claws-
Where the wild things are Pictures, Images and Photos

Defined My Childhood

-Defitintion of Funny-
lol Pictures, Images and Photos

"Im Russell!"

NOT a fan of Katy/Russell

-Chelsea Oh So Lately-

Reading her books in public=resembling a laughing hyena

"Song writing daddy say what?"

Basically Im loud, inspired, musical, dramatic, hysterical, obnoxious, RUUUUDE, excentric, outrageous, creative

And above all? A writer

I live for music and ways of expressing myself

I live in PDX, Oregon (Wouldnt call anywhere else home)


It's the shit and I DO WORK SON!

"Here lemme take yo picture Baby, you gunna be somebody"

"And what, pray tell, is a Jonascat?"
"Well you see, if you have to ask, it's very obvious, that you aren't one"

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